Hanging Scaffolds

A Hanging Scaffold is suspended by scaffold tubes from top of the structural members where scaffolding from below is impractical.

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Youngman introduces HANGING SCAFFOLDING SYSTEM - Working floor in the air, with the help of hanging beam arrangements, Intertek Certified and properly designed and tested to European standards and Proudly made in India. Simple working floor hanging from structural members with help of high strength couplers and clamps, having failsafe safety precautions, so that you feel safe and never feel you are working at height!

Our Hanging Scaffolds are best suited for- 

  • HVAC Installations

  • Installing Roof & insulations

  • Electrical & Conduit Installations

  • Interior finishings

  • Fire Fighting work

and much more.

Our Offering

Some Case Studies

Installation of Hanging Solution (DIAL Site)

Requirement of an emergency access height solution for maintenance and servicing at a Height 20m in open area.

We offered an immediate solution for the emergency tool to tackle the emerged problem.
Understanding the complex situation of the available height and Wind Pressure, we recommended a hanging structure with platform at 20m height keeping in mind the feasibility and exact application (MEP).

We provided the platforms with wind lock to eliminate any risk involved due to high wind pressure.

HPCL Barmer  Refinery  Project

Problem Statement-  Required working on pipe racks which is difficult with a conventional scaffolding system.

Youngman's Solution-  We provided a hanging solution to the client, which ensured safety along with maximum productivity

Pain points we resolved- 

  • Freed up the entire ground area for a cleaner operation
  • Created an easy to access hanging scaffold that facilitated work on pipe racks 
  • No other platform was required, and all the equipment and workers could use the same hanging platform for their work.

We have helped more than 4000 worksites with safe and innovative Work-At-Height solutions. Get in touch with us with your requirements, and we will not disappoint.