Case Study: The Next-Gen Solution – Hanging Scaffolding

Problem Statement

Work Platform requirement for MEP work at 24m height without blocking ground space, since it was a working airport site. 


  • Material Shifting and Installing the work platform at 24m height was the major challenge. 
  • At a time, a length of 8m and a width of 4.5m were supposed to be covered at 24m height.
  • The stability of the whole framework along with an ample load capacity at such height had Safety concerns.
  • The solution had to be lightweight & quickly assembled to minimize the duration along with the risk involved.

Our Solution

  • We understand every need and always stay ahead to support our customers whenever or wherever they need us by innovating solutions to their ever-changing needs. 

  • Here, with the help of our R&D and Technical teams, we introduced ‘Hanging Scaffolding Solution’ with a customized design to best suit the project's requirements.

  • First time in India, an 8m beam was designed with the help of modern CMT Welding Technology. 

  • The scaffolding system underwent rigorous tests and attained TUV certification to assure safety at that height.

  • The Ease of Assembling the Hanging Scaffold contributed immensely to completing the work in just 2hrs.

  • This system required minimum human effort and time, thus reducing the project cost.

We are always encouraged to innovate and be equipped with top technologies and engineering to come up with Top-Quality Products desired at the construction site. Before any dispatch, Youngman takes special attention to maintaining the product quality and delivering the product within the shortest time possible. 

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