Executive Summary

OLA Manufacturing Facility near Bengaluru Required MEP contractors to work on the Roof of the Facility


Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) India for OLA


  • With restriction in ground space between grids 14-24, use of boom lifts was not an option.
  • Due to poor scheduling, it became extremely difficult to plan parallel activities, which in turn increased the overall time required for the project.
  • Work quality also depreciated due to lack of time.
  • With unstable working platforms and scaffolds, it became difficult to maintain safety on site, thus resulting in Increased risks for the construction workers.

Youngman's Solution

  • Installation of hanging scaffolds, that is a Temporary hanging platform that aids working at height without restricting ground space and by increasing safety of workers by providing a stable, wind lock platform for multiple vendors at the same time.
  • Its EN Certified, has a high load capacity of 250 kg/sqm, requires lesser manpower for installation and is a time efficient replacement to Boom Lifts and Conventional Scaffolds.


  • Reduction of all Construction Equipment
  • Reduction of Risk at Workplace due to stable EN Certified wind lock platforms, with a larger load capacity of 250 kg/sqm
  • Lightweight Aluminium Beams of less than 4.5 kgs/mt used, reducing the overall weight of the hanging structure
  • Trained and Certified Installation team was deployed on site
  • Multiple Different Activities could be planned on the platform at the same time. Be it HVAC, Electrical, Civil or Fire work, all could be completed simultaneously, thus improving overall productivity.
  • No ground space was restricted post the installation of the scaffold, thus facilitating easy movement on the ground without any risks involved


So if you think traditional scaffolding solutions are cost effective, think again. The time and manpower you save makes our system to be extremely cost effective, productive and extremely safe when compared to traditional solutions.

What are you waiting for? Let us know your requirements below, and we will help you with all your work-at-height requirements!

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